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Omen: The Triune of Creative Culture... GoPublish, Carpe Nocturne, and Visual Adjectives!! You can't get any better!!! Sept 25, 2014 22:27:11 GMT -5
RisingPhoenix: Hey Sept 27, 2014 1:34:21 GMT -5
Omen: Yesssss? O_o Sept 29, 2014 14:56:10 GMT -5
RisingPhoenix: Wow I was just saying "hey" but ok...*hangs head low and sadly walks a way kicking a pebble* Oct 3, 2014 0:28:05 GMT -5
Omen: Oh, looky-looky-lookieee... I found a pebble. I found a pebble!! Hey, what's that sad girl doing over there? She looks like she needs a hug. **throws the pebble at her, striking her in the head** "Uh, excuse me, ma'am...are you crying? :-/ Oct 3, 2014 11:44:31 GMT -5
Omen: We LUV you, RisingPhoenix!!! We LUV youuuuu!!! (rofl) Oct 3, 2014 12:31:51 GMT -5
dakoolah: It's been a while peeps! Oct 3, 2014 15:27:03 GMT -5
Omen: Oh-my-goodness... that really - REALLY smart, poet guy is back (Dakoolah)! He intimidates me and makes me read the dictionary... I'm going to have brush-up on my game to keep up with him. BLASTED! He posted a new poem already... let me go read it... O_o Oct 3, 2014 17:22:52 GMT -5
Omen: I'm doomed! B-| I just read his poem. Didn't know what a 'Sestina' was. I thought it was 'Nourishment' until I discovered I was talking about, 'Sustenance'. Dakoolah is TOO DANG smart. JERK! (the poem was good, though). ;-| Oct 3, 2014 17:30:44 GMT -5
melinda: People should use the dictionary more often. Grammar and understanding the English Language is a lost art. Even Weird Al had to say something about it. "Word Crimes" Oct 3, 2014 17:52:15 GMT -5
RisingPhoenix: I love you all too! *adds pebble to her pebble collection* I shall find a good use for these one day. Oct 3, 2014 20:11:53 GMT -5
RisingPhoenix: Hi Dakoolah! Oct 3, 2014 20:12:20 GMT -5
dakoolah: thanks for all of your comments guise!! Oct 7, 2014 16:40:16 GMT -5
The Muse: You know those days where you want to just walk away...just vanish? When the flight instinct is SCREAMING at you: "run..RUN!!!" When you want to disappear and never be seen by anyone outside your family ever again? Yeah...its kinda like that.... Oct 8, 2014 11:21:48 GMT -5
Omen: I'm going through it, right now... Oct 8, 2014 12:48:44 GMT -5
The Muse: Going to go do a faceplant in my pillow now......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Oct 9, 2014 21:33:56 GMT -5
Michelle: Carpe Nocturne Magazine new issue coming soon. Oct 13, 2014 14:41:18 GMT -5
The Muse: Huzzah! Oct 13, 2014 14:54:32 GMT -5
Omen: Loving the new Carpe Nocturne Magazine!!! :D Oct 21, 2014 18:18:11 GMT -5
Michelle: - link to the new design of Carpe Nocturne Magazine. Oct 22, 2014 16:42:53 GMT -5 *
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